Mumbai - 'at 5am'  tour
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Mumbai - 'at 5am'  tour

A glimpse of Mumbai when it wakes up !


Explore Mumbai early morning when it is peaceful and far from the maddening crowd. The bustling markets, when observed in the early morning is quite exhilarating !


Hundreds of newspaper vendors sort out papers in multiple languages, auctioneers frantically gabble fish prices, and organized chaos breaks out with the arrival of over 100 tons of vegetables, fruits and meat at the markets.


 The scenes at Wee hours truly define the mercurial character of Mumbai and best of all as you walk the same lanes a few hours later, you find no evidence of the morning’s hustle.


Time: Pickup any time between 5am to 7am (We would recommend to do it half an hour  before sunrise if from city or an hour before sunrise if from suburb so that you can get to see most of the action on the tour)


Duration: 4-5 hours (including travelling)



1 pax: Rs 8000 per person

2 pax: Rs 4000 per person

3 pax: Rs 3000 per person

4 pax: Rs 2500 per person


Inclusions: Air conditioned car with Chauffeur. Local Student Guide, Personalized tour, Water, toll, parking & Tax