The Royal Matheran Tour
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The Royal Matheran Tour

Mathe –Raan is literally ‘ forest on the forehead ‘ -a quaint little hill-station, with a pleasant climate, not far from hectic Mumbai. It is accessible by road.


No automobiles ply here – unique distinction of being the only such place in Asia. So, you enjoy this pollution- free place and go back recharged.

You can choose to walk around or be hauled around in a cart drawn by men or, better still, ride a horse. Royal ? !

The green cover ensures a pleasant stay in the cool breeze. As usual, get a panoramic view of the valleys and plains and memorable sunrises and sunsets . Romantic? !

Hiking up and trekking in the monsoons, during week-ends, is also a very popular option.


Duration:One day tour around 14 Hours


1 pax: Rs 30000 per person

2 pax: Rs 20000 per person

3 pax: Rs 16000 per person

4 pax: Rs 12000 per person