Mumbai Heritage District Walk
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Mumbai Heritage District Walk

Interested in Mumbai’s intriguing history and architecture? Then this is the right tour for you.

On this tour you will explore an amazing variety of historic landmarks and buildings, constructed in different styles of architecture which even today is reminiscence of our city’s colonial era.

 You will visit many grandeur architectural marvels like Magnificent Cathedral to offer prayers , Town Hall to overlook civic activities, University to spread western education, Grand Victoria station to facilitate easy transport, most marvelous is Gateway which was an archway to commemorate & welcome the visit of Imperial Majesties.



We Meet at:

Gate Way of India near Shivaji Maharaj Statue


Duration: 1 ½ to 2  Hours


Time: Any time from 9AM to 6 PM



Rs 2000/- for solo

Rs 1500/- per person if more than one pax

Car Cost:

Rs 3000/-


Inclusions: Personalised tour, Local Student  guide, water, Tax.


We can also pick you up from your hotel or residence at an additional cost of Rs ……. For upto 4 people.