Mumbai   'Off- Beat'

The Different and 'out of the ordinary' Mumbai tour.

Mumbai is a city of crazy contradictions -cheek by jowl, at once the commercial capital of India and also a 'home' to the homeless and the poor migrant workers. After a heavy dose of history-palaces, forts and religions- temples, churches, Mumbai is refreshingly different and 'offbeat'. You can visit diverse parts of the 'living city' where you experience a blast of color (sarees and flags), smells (fishy and spicy-masalas) and sounds -all amidst the broadest 'smiles' that merge with 'sweat' that trickles down their faces !

We pick you up from your hotel/residence by A/C car at whatever time is convenient for you.

Duration: 4 hrs - from City
Cost: Rs.5000 up to 4 person

Duration: 5 hrs - from Suburb
Cost: Rs.5500 up to 4 person