Born and brought up in Dharavi, Fahim and Tauseef currently pursuing graduation in the field of commerce and science respectively. Financial problem for education compelled them to think 'out of the box' .

Seeing an opportunity in the tourism industry Fahim and Tauseef founded "Be The Local tours" in March 2010 with the vision of offering tourists a unique experience of "the other half of the city" through the eyes of local students. The Aim of starting this venture was not only to help local students in earning income to fund their education but also to eradicate the long existing mystery, bias & prejudice towards the slum.

Fahim is full of adventurous spirit. He loves to explore new places and wants to go on a motorcycle tour of whole India.

Tauseef is artistic, Loves to sketch. His passions also include making friends .He loves to show the extraordinary aspects of ordinary city life to his guests.


Our     Team


One of the first guides to work for Be the Local. He enjoys showing 'his neighbourhood' to people from abroad 'so that they may learn to see it in a different light' .
He believes that life is more fulfilling and exciting for people, who are curious and love to explore places.
That is one of the reason he is studying Nautical Science.


He was born and raised in Dharavi, and is now studying to achieve Master's degree in Pharmacy. His dream is to open his own pharmacy in Dharavi. You know he is Zeeshan's elder brother.


Studying in his final year in Information Technology. His father owns a garment factory in Dharavi. Since November 2011 Faiz is working for Be the Local, enjoys showing his neighbourhood to foreign tourist.
He is eager to look at his own Dharavi - but from outsider's perspective.


Studying Science in his final year at college. His dream is to study his Master's Degree in USA. his favourite soccer club is Real Madrid and his favourite player is Christiano Ronaldo.
Even before he started to work for Be the Local tours he was very interested in talking to foreign people because he realized that the exchange of information is valuable for both sides.


Currently studying Masters in Science in IT. He is the boy with grey eyes. He is the "know it all guy" when it comes to Automobiles as fast bikes and cars are his passion. He knows to play harmonica and Tabla (drum).
"I love being a guide. It's great fun introducing people to this remarkable city"


The youngest member of our team Humza is studying in First year mechanical engineering. He loves and also plays city level football. His dad is a proud taxi driver and also a Martial Artist. Usually a shy boy joining Bethe Local Has proved to be a boon for Humza as our team has made him an extrovert.


He was born in Dharavi, he will complete his studies of Computer Application at a college in Mumbai. After his Bachelor's Degree he would like to study a Master programme in IIT & his Dream is to work for N.A.S.A. he loves music specially Electro House & Dubsteps.
He is a player of 'Ultimate Frisbee Team' which represent our city Mumbai.